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Way to Work.

With Flexera Global and OnBase, it’s easy to design solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs. OnBase is modular by design, allowing you to tailor your solutions to your exact requirements. The six categories listed below will help you understand the breadth and depth of the OnBase product.

OnBase speeds up processes and reduces costs by capturing important information into one system; managing data, documents and processes; integrating with your existing systems; providing instant access to everyone who needs it; giving visibility into your processes and system performance and securely storing, protecting and destroying your information.

Ready to learn more? Browse the sections below to discover how OnBase manages information from the moment it’s received until it’s destroyed.

Manage Information in One System
OnBase combines the ability to manage processes, documents and data in one system so your information flows seamlessly throughout your organization.

Access Content from Anywhere
With OnBase, your information finds you and becomes instantly available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application.

Integrate OnBase with Your Other Applications
OnBase provides a variety of integration methods to equip users with instant access to all the information they need from their preferred application.

Measure Process and System Performance
OnBase provides real-time insights into the status of your processes, the completeness of your records and the health of your system – allowing you to take action when and where it’s needed.

Store, Protect and Destroy Content
OnBase minimizes risk and supports compliance by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations.

Hyland financial services solutions provide an integrated platform for capture, case management, document management, secure file sharing and workflow that integrates with any core banking system, LOS and other key business applications.

Integrating crucial technologies within your financial institution is critical to stop software sprawl and squash information silos. Instead of investing in more software, financial institutions should be exploring more efficient ways to integrate their existing systems. This gives you the ability to share information and reduces the mounting pressures on IT staff. By integrating your core systems and platforms with OnBase, you unleash the full potential of your current and future technology investments.

OnBase insurance solutions provide insurers with one comprehensive and configurable platform for capture, case management, document management, secure file sharing and workflow that integrates with their modern core systems and business applications.

Hyland provides world-class solutions for the insurance industry with OnBase, a rapidly-deployable enterprise content management software solution. It combines document management, records management and business process automation into a single solution. With OnBase, insurance organizations efficiently manage all their content, from scanned paper documents, faxes, print streams, application files and electronic forms to web content, multi-media files, emails and industry standard files like ACORD XML. Property & Casualty, Life and Health insurers as well as managed general agents and third-party administrators use OnBase to create a competitive advantage through streamlined processes, reduced costs, increased internal controls, audit assistance, and improved customer service.

With OnBase, content in multiple formats is captured and made available within the applications clinicians and staff already know, driving improvements in patient care and service.

By combining enterprise content management and enterprise medical imaging with business process and case management capabilities, Hyland Healthcare delivers unparalleled content and image management solutions to address the clinical, financial and operational needs of healthcare organizations around the world.

Comprised of OnBase by Hyland, Acuo by Hyland, PACSgear, NilRead and ShareBase, Hyland Healthcare’s suite of world-class healthcare solutions:

  • Empower health providers to focus on their patients, payers to better serve members and administrators to streamline operations
  • Inform critical decision-making by securely delivering patient content from every corner of the extended enterprise when and where it’s needed
  • Simplify information access and insight, allowing clinical and business leaders to harness all the ways they can positively impact patient wellness