Know your next step
before you aim.


Datamorphix LEAP

Jump-start with intelligence integration
LEAP integrates seamlessly with your existing data systems and accelerates the perspective insights for your business decisions.

DataMorphix PRIME

Get your potential large-scale decisive data in order
PRIME extracts, understands and channelizes all your data systems into one deeply meaningful neural data for business decisions.


The next frontier in AI
Conversational AI assists in creating advanced digital customer experiences that enhance the customer’s lifetime value and provides opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.

Virtual Agents

Improve customer services at a reduced cost with 
In customer relationship management (CRM), virtual agents give quick, intelligent and unambiguous answers to complex questions using natural conversation, without putting the customer on hold.

Orchestration Framework

Accelerate your large-scale decisions
Reduce the cost of operations and support with a self-service framework for automation of business and IT functions with an engine that enhances the value of your investment into our big data analytics platform and tools. The framework can be deployed on the edge node and acts as a gateway to orchestrate all processes using a configurable user interface.