Real World
Big Data Solutions.

In a world of digital transformation, we’re beginning to see that data and analytics are changing the way organizations operate. Collecting data in operational systems and then relying on nightly batch extract, transform and load (ETL) processes to analyze data is no longer enough.

At Flexera Global, we help enterprises to build big data and IoT applications using Apache™ Kafka for real-time data streaming and analysis. Flexera Global has partnered with Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache™ Kafka, to help enterprises solve the challenges of data integration by building stream processing applications with Kafka.

Our experienced big data experts roll out a wide range of big data use cases, such as customer 360-degree view, social listening and engagement, risk and fraud detection, internet of things, predictive analytics and more.

Why Apache™ Kafka?
Apache™ Kafka is a fast, scalable fault-tolerant messaging platform for distributed data streaming. It is used for building real-time data pipelines by streaming social data, geospatial data or sensor data from various devices. It lets you:

  • Publish and subscribe to streams of data like a messaging system
  • Store streams of data in a distributed, replicated cluster
  • Process streams of data in real-time

Kafka is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, wicked fast and runs in production in thousands of companies.

Kafka Consulting
Our experienced Apache™ Kafka consultants help enterprises to build real-world big data applications that integrate and analyze high velocity data sources.

Kafka Integration
Our Apache™ Kafka experts can solve enterprise’s data streaming and processing challenges – processing and delivering streams of data efficiently and in real time.

Kafka Implementation
Our big data consultants can integrate Apache™ Kafka to support your big data use case.

With Kafka and based on Confluent, our experts have created solutions for stream processing, website activity tracking, metrics collection and monitoring, log aggregation and event sourcing.

Log Aggregation Framework – Monitor & Detect Failures Ahead of Time
We have created a secure centralized log processing framework based on ELK stack with powerful visualization and search functionalities enabling high availability through:

  • Real time monitoring of core micro services
  • Real time access to failures leading to faster turnaround time
  • Integrated framework to analyze failures/errors from diverse applications through a single interface

Event-Driven Architecture – Building Real-Time Streaming Applications
We have created event-driven architecture using Apache™ Kafka that can change over time as different processors may react to events, which can be reprocessed while the data model evolves simultaneously. Applications built using this architecture can help in:

  • Website and network monitoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Web clicks
  • Advertising
  • Creating Internet of Things